Increase Your LSAT Score By Up To 30 Points.

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Simple Method
No hard-to-remember techniques or jargon. Simple, intuitive techniques in plain English for how to solve even the trickiest LSAT questions.
Quick Results
Many students see score increases of 5-10 points or more after just one lesson - even the most frustrated LSAT-takers!
Very Affordable
Our prices are extremely competitive, with payment plans available.
Why should I choose MasterLSAT over any other LSAT course?
Unlike other courses, MasterLSAT uses simple, plain English explanations to turn even the hardest LSAT questions into a piece of cake. Rather than forcing you to memorize complicated ways to do the questions, Nate would rather show you that you already have the intuition to figure out the answer on your own, and simply teach you how to access that intuition.

Nate uses his incredibly simple methods to score multiple 180s on official LSAT prep tests, and they've been tried and tested over thousands upon thousands of hours of tutoring students from all over the world. His students score in the 170s and earn admission to top Ivy League schools.

With his incredibly simple and efficient curriculum, you'll be able to track your progress from week to week and see your score go up. And if you do the work, you'll see very quick results.

But don't take our word for it - check out some of our countless testimonials.
How does the course work?
When you enroll in MasterLSAT, you get access to:

 - 6 days a week of live instruction with Nate (2 group classes, and 4 days of 1-on-1 office hours)
 - Nate's full interactive on-demand MasterLSAT video curriculum (10,000+ instructional videos)
 - a 1-on-1 support channel with Nate for questions throughout the week

Sessions are recorded and posted in your student portal, in case you are unable to attend a class.
Can I enroll anytime, or do I have to wait for the next start date?
We offer rolling admissions so you can start anytime - including today!

Students begin with prerecorded LSAT Fundamentals video lessons, and are then able to synchronize with the class. Upon enrolling, Nate will chat with you to tailor a plan for how you'll get started.

No matter when you start, you'll see immediate and incredible results.
When do the classes take place?
Sundays at 12pm EST
Mondays at 12pm EST
Tuesdays at 7pm EST
Wednesdays at 12pm EST
Thursdays at 7pm EST
Fridays at 12pm EST

Classes are recorded and posted in case you are unable to attend.
Does it matter whether I'm starting from scratch? What if I've taken an LSAT course or worked with another tutor?
Many of our clients began with us after seeing poor results elsewhere. This is very common as most LSAT prep courses and tutors are not very good, and unnecessarily complicate the test. We like being able to turn things around and show our clients just how easy the LSAT can be.

Conversely, many of our clients began with us with zero LSAT experience, and quickly learned all of the technique needed to get a perfect score on the test.

Whether you're starting from scratch or not, you're in good hands. Get ready to watch your score rise.
Will you give me a study routine to follow?
Yes. Whichever package you go with, you'll get a study guide with a dozen customized study schedules to choose from, and a progress chart to track your scores as they increase.
Do you offer any payment plans?
Yes. Please inquire about this.
What if I miss a live class?
No worries! All classes are recorded and posted in your student portal.
Do I need any books or study materials?
Other than official prep tests, we don't use any prep materials, as most of them are a waste of time. We'll inform you on where to find official prep tests, if you don't already have access to them. We don't include subscription to LawHub Advantage with any of our packages.
Can I speak with Nate on the phone to figure out what the best package for me is?

Nate Morris

LSAT Instructor and Course Creator
Nate Morris has been teaching the LSAT to countless students (in the thousands) in NYC and all over the world, since 2013. After scoring a perfect 180 multiple times on practice LSATs, he realized he liked the LSAT too much to become a lawyer.

Since then, he has helped innumerable people score higher than they could have imagined possible and get into the law schools of their dreams. More than anything else, Nate loves taking students who feel hopeless and "stuck" on the LSAT and helping them see score increases of 5, 10, 20, or even 30 points...

He developed his very simple "MasterLSAT" method over years of trial with his students, and is confident that with the right regimen, anyone can be on the path to a perfect score.
"Nate is a fantastic LSAT tutor, in particular he is very effective at helping students looking to get top-tier scores. With Nate's help I was able to score in the 99th percentile on two LSAT administrations and earn admission to my top choice law school. He is easy to communicate with and very flexible with scheduling. Could not recommend him more highly!"

-Andrew W., Columbia Law
"I was blown away when Nate outlined an intuitive and effective study method that totally made sense...With Nate's help, I smashed down the 170 score barrier and achieved great success in my application cycle. Not only was I accepted to Columbia, my dream school, but I also received an acceptance from Harvard! If you are serious about your studies and improving your score, then stick with Nate. He is a great guy and will help you succeed."

-Lawrence G.
"I was able to boost my LSAT score by 15 points and hit a 170....I felt like Nate was my personal tutor and the videos were personalized for me."

-Taylor S.
"After scoring 148 I wanted to give up on being a lawyer! This course brought me to 165 on my very next practice test. Months later I scored a 179. Don't know what I would have done without MasterLSAT!!"

-Rachel D.
"I met with Nate a few times before taking the LSAT and he was instrumental in helping me achieve my 174. Nate helped me attain the positive headspace that I needed on the day of the test. I definitely recommend Nate because I truly believe that he made all the difference for me!"

-Alexa R.
"I went from a 144 to a 167 with Nate's help! Nate tutored me for 3 months and taught me valuable strategies and techniques that improved my score by 23 points. Can't recommend him enough."

-Brooke P.
"This course has really helped me get from getting -15 in LG section to -3 within 3 days! I've struggled with improving in LG despite signing up for 7sage and LSAT Demon...Nate's cookie cutter approach gave me the right direction that I needed. Thank you a million Nate!!"

-Vicky K.
"Absolutely AMAZING! SO freaking insightful! I can't even begin to explain how much my intuition about LR questions and LG games has improved just over the weekend."

-Christopher T.
"Nate is very patient and smart, great at explaining complicated problems. He will help you create a customized plan specific for your needs. My scores on practice LSAT tests have increased substantially after working with him for just a couple of weeks."

-Susan L., NYU Law
"Informative and brilliant tutor. This is my second lesson learning from Nate and my score on the Logical Reasoning section has increased by five points or more. He is brilliant and an amazing tutor. I am very grateful to have such a tutor."

-Shana M.
"Before I met Nate, I used a widely known tutoring company for 1 year. I was struggling very hard, unable to get over a 140 on my LSAT. When I met Nate, we started working every week from March to mid-June, just 3 months, to be able to bring my score up. After constant tutoring sessions, many practice tests, and the help from Nate I was able to bring my score up from a 136 to a 151. Because of Nate’s ability to teach me how to understand the different types of questions and answers and how to find the right answer, I am now able to attend my number 1 law school. Best tutor I could’ve ever asked for!"

-Alexa Z.
"I took the $1300 testsmasters course before Nate...testmasters was nothing in my experience from what I was able to get working with Nate. In this course I feel I am still taking a live LSAT prep tutoring session with Nate. He is the real deal with LSAT prep."

-Robert R.
“These videos are the best LSAT study material I have purchased to date...Although it’s a recorded video, you feel as if you are in a live video chat having casual conversation. Worth every dollar!”

Peter L.
"After trying multiple LSAT methods, this is the only one that has drastically increased my score while also eliminating all of my LSAT anxiety. I am thankful for having found the MasterLSAT method and suddenly much more optimistic for the future."

-Martin U.
“Nathan's test explanation videos are clear and detailed. His explanations make the correct answer jump right out. I almost forgot that I was watching a video because the experience was so similar to speaking with him in person.”

-Lina D.
"This course has proven to be brilliantly helpful. The videos have allowed me to work through the material at my own pace, and Nate explains everything clearly with step by step instructions for how to answer each question....Highly recommend."

-Luis T.
“I have learned so much from this course! It is very validating to know you are approaching each question the most efficient way possible.”

-Gabby G.
"When I took the LSAT for the first time and applied to law school, it was without success. Then only three months of Nate's instruction were enough to raise my LSAT score so significantly that I was accepted into my choice law school that year. It is because of his patience, encouragement, outstanding instruction, and superior intelligence that I was able to succeed. He took tremendous pride in his work, and went to great lengths to accommodate my schedule. I would highly recommend him, as he would certainly help anyone to achieve their goals."

-Jessica W.
"We worked together for the LSAT. He showed me in 15 minutes an approach more effective than I've found in three months. That's not hyperbole. I was shocked. Nathan keeps things simple and focused. He was more helpful than I could have imagined, I cannot recommend him more highly."

-Jacob R.
“Love Nate's philosophy...It makes so much sense and is so intuitive.”

-Patrick S.
“I love the way he explains things --- so easy to understand and a great system to follow. It's honestly like having a personal tutor.”

-Rebecca B.
“Have already noticed a considerable improvement in my LG score and I just started this course one day ago!...I'm so glad that I found this and 100000% recommend it, you will improve really fast without having to spend hundreds of dollars on other online courses or a private tutor.”

-Zoe A.
“Amazing...helps incredibly...I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you”

-Jim D.
“"Worlds" apart from previous instructional videos I have experienced…this is one of those courses where you ask yourself, "why didn't I start here in the first place?"”

-Michael D.
“I went from not even being able to complete the logic game section of the lsat and getting an 8 out of 18 to completing the course and then getting a 21 out of 23 on the same section...This course is amazing.”

-Cordie H.
“Goes above and beyond in every aspect of teaching the LSAT to students like myself...does a phenomenal job of explaining the material.”

-Hugo E.
"Terrific tutor, amazing results! Nathan's approach to tutoring is all 'student-centric'. He methodically gauges one's strong-suits as to enable him to focus more heavily in areas where the student needs the most improvement. Since I've been working with Nathan, I've seen tremendous improvement in a very short period of time."

-Martin K.
"He is a great tutor and very accommodating! He is currently tutoring me for the LSAT and I find our skype sessions as helpful as if it were face to face. He provides detailed explanations of each question I have problems with as well as alternate ways to reach the correct answer. I would definitely recommend him for anyone hoping to master the LSAT!"

-Alyssa G.
“Excellent course! This course is like having a tutor...I have polished my skills and have become more confident in understanding what I am reading and answering.”

-Jon B.
“This is a fantastic course - it really helped me hone my diagramming and inference skills, and it made me much more efficient, accurate, and consistent with my logic game performance...much more so than other courses I've tried!”

-Katherine B.
"Phenomenal Tutor, Patient, Knowledgeable, conscientious, inspiring and takes pride and joy in teaching. I have had the opportunity and privilege of being tutored by Nathan. I found him to be very patient, extremely knowledgeable with an excellent command in teaching and in discerning the hindrances to the lack of comprehension with the ability to successfully address those hindrances. He is an excellent tutor and he takes pride in imparting knowledge. I recommend highly recommend him, if you want someone who is patient, knowledgeable and can provide clear and succinct explanations, who understands different learning styles. He is also conscientious and professional and will work tirelessly until you grasp an excellent command of the subject matter. If you want to learn and are willing to apply yourself with due diligence and patience and can afford to pay to reach your goals, success awaits you, because Nathan will work with you to make sure you are successful."

-Sophie L.
“I was intimidated at the idea of taking my lsat...I have a sense of confidence and knowledge that I wouldn't have obtained if not for these classes. Thank you very much.”

-Mike B.
“This course was great and Nate makes the LSAT seem so easy.”

-Ashlee R.
“Thank you Nate for your assistance with making the LSAT a "doable" feat!”

-Aurelia M.
“great course. brings extremely difficult information within grasp. I kinda balked at this method at first, but I had to unlearn a lot of more overtly scientific (and thus needlessly complex) method from a [different] prep course. go with this instead. I can't argue with the results.”

-Lucas B.
“Nate is the man! He is very comfortable teaching LSAT related concepts and his strategy makes complete sense...Thank you Nate!”

-Aleksander D.
“Amazing course!! I’ve learned so much in such little time. Everything is well explained.”

-Kriseanna C.
"After one session with Nathan I've been practicing using his method and my PT score has already increased by 5 points."

-Frank A.
“This was the best money I've spent for LSAT prep thus far.”

“Nate is the best instructor I have ever met...I feel that my logical skills are getting better and better because of Nate!!!”


Increase Your LSAT Score By Up To 30 Points.

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