Premium LSAT Course With
The World's #1 LSAT Tutor
Premium LSAT Course With
The World's #1 LSAT Tutor
Increase your LSAT score by up to 30 points.
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MasterLSAT is more than an LSAT course.

It's live daily tutoring with a 99th-percentile tutor, plus an interactive on-demand self-service video platform, specifically geared for students wanting to score in the 99th percentile.

Unlike other LSAT courses, our students see very quick improvements - often 10-15+ points within the first 1 to 2 weeks of study alone.

"...he was instrumental in helping me achieve my 174...I definitely recommend Nate because I truly believe that he made all the difference for me!"
-Alexa R.
"With Nate's help I was able to score in the 99th percentile...Could not recommend him more highly!"
-Andrew W.
"With Nate's help, I smashed down the 170 score barrier...Not only was I accepted to Columbia, my dream school, but I also received an acceptance from Harvard!"
-Lawrence G.
"He showed me in 15 minutes an approach more effective than I've found in three months. That's not hyperbole. I was shocked."
-Jacob R.
Simple Method
No hard-to-remember techniques or jargon. Simple, intuitive techniques in plain English for how to solve even the trickiest LSAT questions.
Quick Increases
Many students see score increases of 5-10 points or more after just one lesson - even the most frustrated LSAT-takers!
Very Affordable
Our prices are extremely competitive, with payment plans available.

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Get ready for a comprehensive LSAT curriculum, designed to bring even the most struggling LSAT students to 180.

Nate Morris

LSAT Instructor and Course Creator
Nate Morris has been teaching the LSAT to countless students (in the thousands) in NYC and all over the world, since 2013. After scoring a perfect 180 multiple times on practice LSATs, he realized he liked the LSAT too much to become a lawyer.

Since then, he has helped innumerable people score higher than they could have imagined possible and get into the law schools of their dreams. More than anything else, Nate loves taking students who feel hopeless and "stuck" on the LSAT and helping them see score increases of 5, 10, 20, or even 30 points...

He developed his very simple "MasterLSAT" method over years of trial with his students, and is confident that with the right regimen, anyone can be on the path to a perfect score.
Increase your LSAT score by up to 30 points.