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Premium LSAT tutoring is expensive...

...but the best shot you have at hitting 180 on the LSAT is to work through many practice tests, and have a top LSAT tutor - one with thousands of hours of experience - explain and clarify your mistakes, so that you can truly master every question and watch your score improve.

MasterLSAT is the best, most cost-effective way to do this.

Top LSAT tutor Nate Morris, who has helped thousands of students achieve their target score and get into top schools like Harvard, Columbia, and NYU, realized at a certain point that he was giving the same tried and tested explanations hundreds of times - the same explanations that would always make things "click" and bring his students from the 140s to the 170s.

It dawned on him that if he recorded videos (thousands and thousands of videos) explaining every single question across many practice tests, he could bring this same premium tutoring experience to students who don't want to pay hundreds of dollars an hour for LSAT tutoring.

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MasterLSAT is more than an LSAT course.

It's an on-demand self-service platform that was designed to simulate the actual experience of a typical 1-on-1 student that works with Nate and improves their score by 20-30+ points (but without paying tens of thousands of dollars for it). You can follow the videos on your computer, phone, or tablet.

You'll learn the simplest methods possible for every section of the test. You'll work through LSAT after LSAT, and whatever question stumps you - there's a video clearly explaining how to do it from start to finish. Whatever answer choice you picked - there's a video explaining all the reasons it's wrong and how to avoid making that mistake again.

And, most importantly, you'll watch your practice scores rise.

How is MasterLSAT structured?

You'll start by diving in and taking a full-length diagnostic test.

This is the beginning of your journey. It will give you a benchmark of where you're starting from, and what your natural strengths and weaknesses are.

Now, it's time to use your diagnostic test as a springboard to learn and master the technique for all three sections of the LSAT.

First will be to Master Logic Games. Within these first few hours of the course, you'll learn all of the information you'll need to get a perfect score on the Analytical Reasoning section.

Once you've thoroughly mastered the section, your new knowledge will then be applied to the Logic Games from your diagnostic. Guided by clear video explanations, you'll have a chance to redo them perfectly.

The next step will be to Master Logical Reasoning. Using examples from your diagnostic, you'll learn the 10 different types of questions and the correct ways to solve each of them quickly.

You'll then use your newfound abilities, along with clear video explanations, to go back and master the Logical Reasoning questions you had trouble with on your diagnostic test, and achieve perfect clarity on them.

The third piece of the puzzle is to Master Reading Comprehension. You'll learn the simplest and quickest strategies for consistently getting every question right on the Reading Comprehension section.

Then, you'll apply these simple methods to the questions you had trouble with on your diagnostic, and thoroughly master them.

By this point in the course, you'll have all the strategy you'll ever need to get a perfect LSAT score.

With that solid foundation, it's now time to put your new skills to practice.

The way to do that is to take as many official LSAT practice tests as you can.

But in addition to that, the key will be to thoroughly master each test before moving onto the next one. That means getting to the point that if you took the test again, you'd get a perfect score.

There are tutorial videos for every single question and every single answer choice on the tests you'll be working through so you'll be able to master all the questions you had trouble with.

In this way, you'll watch your scores rise from test to test.

MasterLSAT is laid out to perfectly simulate 1-on-1 tutoring. After your diagnostic test, in addition to the thousands of videos explaining every single question on the tests you'll be working through, you'll be able to refer back to the technique tutorials for any topic or question type that is giving you trouble.

You'll have fun watching your practice scores rise with each practice test. But unlike with premium 1-on-1 tutoring, you won't have to pay tens of thousands of dollars to achieve your target score and get into your dream law school.

Your best LSAT score is waiting for you.

What makes MasterLSAT so effective?
MasterLSAT was designed to bring the benefits of premium 1-on-1 LSAT tutoring to people who don't want to pay thousands of dollars for a premium private tutor.

The course creator, Nate Morris, has been teaching LSAT since 2013, and his thousands of students have seen overwhelming success. He designed the course to be interactive and mimic private lessons with him. In fact, he tested it out with his private students before releasing it, who all confirmed that the course experience was just as good (if not better than) private lessons with him.

Students of MasterLSAT have seen unexpectedly large score increases of 10, 20, and sometimes 30 or more points, and gotten into the law schools of their dreams. So can you.

As you work through the course material, there are literally thousands of videos (totaling over 110 hours) explaining every possible question, answer choice, or strategy that you're having trouble with. So no matter how easy or hard the question is, you can get a full video explanation of each of the answer choices, both right and wrong. This is how true mastery is achieved.

Nate Morris

LSAT Instructor and Course Creator
Nate Morris has been tutoring countless students (in the hundreds) all over the world, since 2013. After scoring perfect on practice LSATs multiple times, he realized he liked the LSAT too much to become a lawyer.

Since then, he has helped innumerable people score higher than they could have imagined possible and get into the law schools of their dreams. More than anything else, Nate loves taking students who feel hopeless and "stuck" on the LSAT and helping them see score increases of 5, 10, 20, or even 30 points...

He developed his very simple "MasterLSAT" method over years of trial with his students, and is confident that with the right regimen, anyone can be on the path to a perfect score.
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