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Welcome to MasterLSAT
Master the LSAT without leaving home
Logic Games Course
Learn how to get a perfect score on the Logic Games section of the LSAT with 10 hours of clear, easy-to-work-through tutorials for $970 $95.
No worries. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee.
I've helped countless students quickly raise their Logic Games score with simple, learnable methods, and decided it was time to organize them into a video course that anyone could use to master this section.

If you're struggling to get a good score on Logic Games, it's not your fault. I'm familiar with Kaplan, PowerScore, 7Sage, TestMasters, and all of the popular methods, and what's wrong and overcomplicated with all of them.

Over thousands of hours of tutoring students, I developed the simplest Logic Games method out there.

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to master Logic Games, you just found it.
The MasterLSAT Logic Games Tutorial Course will:
  •  Teach you how to easily diagram out any logic game. You'll learn the simplest, most foolproof methods for mapping out any logic game you'll ever see.
  •  Show you how to quickly finish every question. With the right techniques, you can easily do every question in under a minute.
  •  Make you confident that you can ace every game out there. These methods are so adaptable and cookie-cutter that you can apply them to any logic game.
In 10 hours of clear video explanations, this course will take you through every possible thing you'll see on the Logic Games section and show you step-by-step how to answer every question correctly.

Imagine being able to use simple methods to fly through every game. Your first perfect score is a few clicks away.
The course doesn't use games from actual LSATs, and that's a good thing.
Other LSAT courses ruin practice tests by (lazily) using games from actual tests. In order to truly experience every question type possible, you would need to work through dozens of actual logic games.

This course uses logic games that were meticulously designed to include every possible twist you'll see on a logic game. Care was taken to ensure that there was no logic game on the past 50 LSATs this course wouldn't teach you how to do, so that you can take the course and then fly through untainted practice tests.

In fact, if after taking this course, you find a Logic Games question you don't know how to answer (you won't), I'll happily add a video to cover it.
"I love this course!!! So amazingly helpful. The content is amazing and really goes through every possible type of logic game. All you need to master logic games. Unbelievable!!"

-Ilan K.
"This course has proven to be brilliantly helpful. The videos have allowed me to work through the material at my own pace, and Nate explains everything clearly with step by step instructions for how to answer each question. He covers everything with great preparation and each session is very informative. Highly recommend."

-Luis T.
MasterLSAT Logic Games Course
No Worries. The Course Comes With A
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
If you're unhappy for any reason, just email me within 30 days and you'll get your full money back.
$970 of value for just $95
**Limited time offer**